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Kim Fowley conquered England and France in the cities of Manchester - Paris - London in 15 fun filled days and nights between September 11th and September 26th. Kim's 1st stop was @ In The City. Kim thrilled delegates with explosive panel appearances and a dynamite showcase Kim Fowley's Rocket To Stardom @ Picadilly Gardens.


Kim's friends from Ireland - Northern Ireland played to enthusiastic crowds. The lucky warriors who made the journey across the Irish sea were: VELVETRON (Dublin) - THE WONDERFUL TOYS ( West Belfast) - LITTLE HOOKS (Derry).

The Wonderful Toys

Kim later journeyed to London where he exploded on Radio - In Store Appearances - and a controversial appearance Kim Fowley's Invasion Of London @ Dirty Water. Among the acts from Manchester who played @ the Tower Records gig in London were the thinking man's Bananarama TENSHI. The concert pictured here was with the Blue Bells, earlier in the year. Also featured in both Manchester and the London In store Gig were: KYO-T.

Diablo 66 - The Hole - Mighty Stars - Dollshouse - Steven T. - 24Karat were the guest artists @ The Dirty Water gig.

Not satisfied with UK success and outrage... Kim managed to twist minds in a 21 hour Promo Blitz: Kim Fowley's Picnic In Paris. Kim narrowly escaped arrest @ Jim Morrison's Grave , where French Police were NOT amused by Kim's vocal message to the late Mr. Morrison. Among the French folks who greeted Kim in Paris were: Novelist MARC DUFAUD and French Rock Legend: DANIEL DARC.


While in Paris Kim was gifted with a DVD Video UNE RENTREE CINEMA 2003 which features Kim's performances - compositions in the French Ganstar Film: CETTE FEMME-LA , Directed by GUILLAUME NICLOUX. Other films featured in this package are: KILL BILL, VOLUME 1 DIRECTED BY QUINTIN TARANTINO, ELEPHANT, DIRECTED BY GUS VAN SANT and THE SOUL OF A MAN, DIRECTED BY WIM WENDERS.

Kim did lots of Radio and Press in Manchester - Paris - London. Stay tuned and start reading the various items that are out there in the Print - Broadcast Media.

Kim Fowley wishes to thank the combined brain trusts of: ACE - SHOESHINE - MICROBE - ZIP for spending the time and money for these events to take place... The various Promoters- Journalists - DJs - Radio Producers - Photographers - Marek Pytel and THE NEW ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM (Pre- Rolling Stones) NEIL SCAPELHORN for linking up the egos and directing traffic. The memory of this trip is dedicated to: Queen Bee Claire and Nutty Nicky. We shall meet again... Some sunny day.

Kim Fowley & Nutty Nicky of In The City
discuss the Music Industry .

Kim Fowley & FURIA ( All girl band from Norway) discuss
Steven T.'s Contributions to The Runaways 2nd album : Queens Of Noise.

Queen Bee Claire ponders the question: "Does Kim Fowley have the
same On Stage appeal as Justin Timberlake ? "


Thanks to Steven T. and Jude for hanging in there. We all had a great time in the U.K. meeting friends, enemies and future wives.

After landing in Ontario, California Kim Fowley and lead guitarist Steven T.'s security genius: JUDE rushed to the 8th Annual GRAM FEST @ Hi-Desert Playhouse, Joshua Tree California....Where we experienced the music of : 30 separate bands and solo artists playing the music of the late Gram Parsons. Kim has background credits on the last Gram Parsons album. Read about KF @ Gram Fest... In a future issue of MOJO.

The next day, Sunday saw Kim featured on CHER: E TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY (E Entertainment Television).

Late September - Early October began with pre-production for VENUS AND THE RAZORBLADES: MORE SONGS FROM THE SUNSHINE JUNGLE, VOLUME 2.

While in England Kim was gifted with releases by: THE RUNAWAYS - THEM / BELFAST GYPSIES - JAYNE COUNTY AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS.



LATE NEWS FLASH: Kim Fowley approached by Director George H. to perhaps reappear November 1st 03' @ The London Film Festival... To assist in the launch of 'MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP" Featuring: David Bowie - Cher - Kim Fowley. We shall see !

No, Kim didn't go to the UK, but UNCUT conducted an 8 /12 hour interview compared to a Rodney interview of 45 minutes ! Results will be in a January - March UNCUT article. Kim received a glowing review in the New York Times, praising his onscreen performance in Mayor. Go to the ORIGINAL MAYOR HOMEPAGE on this website for more info. Click on the the KF 2004 HOMEPAGE for the next installment of the THE KIM FOWLEY ADVENTURE.

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