Kim Fowley

Female Energy

Kim Fowley has either Produced, Co-Produced, Published or Co-Published, Written or Co-Written the following selections:

ZRAZY - Co-Writer title song, composer one song, mixer multiple selections
The All-Time Greatest Girl Groups - Producer one selection
Michelle Phillips (Mama's & Papa's) and Kim: At the Teenage Fair for the west coast debut of The MC 5.

Jewel and Kim - Photographed by David Branfman at SXSW, Austin, Texas (1996)... A possible caption for this pix is: Beauty And The Beast.

Doris Day - Her husband-manager the late Marty Melcher hired Kim away from American International Records in 1959 to become a glorified office boy - errand/food golpher - talent scout - A&R man - publisher assistant - song plugger.

Kim's first project was working on getting covers from the soundtrack of "Pillow Talk". The Marty & Doris owned record label was Arwin Records. The publishing companies were Artists Music (ASCAP) and Daywin Music (BMI). Kim's first signing to Arwin Records and Daywin Music was Bruce Johnston, then one-half of the Jan and Dean-esque duo: Bruce and Jerry. Ironically, Bruce's later composer efforts covered by such artists as Barry Manilow and The Beach Boys, were published by the Melcher & Doris owned publishing entities.

Hey folks... Kim had an ear even in 1959 at age 19 and a half. No wonder a year later at 20 and a half Kim Co-Produced "Alley Oop" by The Hollywood Argyles which outsold "Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Elvis Presley.

David Geffen and Barry Diller may have come up through the Mail-Room System but Kim learned his corporate interoffice moves from the late Marty Melcher... who was the first person to call Kim on the phone and congratulate him on the #1 success of "Alley OOP".

Helen Reddy - Co-Producer/Writer two songs
The Runaways - Producer, Co-Producer, Composer Multiple Songs
Cherry Bomb - Co-Writer
Ten High - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher One Song
Cherie & Marie Currie - Co-Producer, Co-Writer Bonus Tracks/Multiple Songs
Virago - Producer, Co-Writer Multiple Songs
The Best of the Girl Groups - Producer one song
The only female artist featured on Kim Fowley's latest solo album recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana, Redlands, California and Kilkenny, Ireland. Watch for more news on the album = KIM FOWLEY: YOUNG FLESH CITY VS. THE BAD DOG CLUB (licensed by World War 4, L.L.C. to Crimson Dirt Machine)
Flashback - Co-Writer One Song
Cherry Bomb - Co-Writer One Song
The Murmaids - were bumped out of the #1 Spot on The Record World Chart by The Beatles... "Popsicles And Icicles" was replaced by "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and the world of pop music forever changed... "Popsicles"... produced by Kim Fowley at Gold Star (Hollywood) and engineered by Stan Ross on Chattahoochee Records... CEO Ruth Conte Yardum... and the rest of the team are all pictured above... everyone except Nestor Labonte... (Nestor: E-mail Kim: Where are you?)

Mairead - Discovered by Kim in County Donnegal, Ireland... Mairead appeared with Kim on his BBC TV Special "Adventures In Paradise" which was transmitted on Digital Choice as part of "The Beat Room" Series... the program was transmitted from Glasgow, Scotland where Mairead is currently recording in her boyfriends home studio... (Hey Mairead: Put music to one of Kim's lyrics that you currently have.)

Spirit of '73 - Co-Writer one selection

Artist Label Credits
THE MURMAIDS Chattahoochee "Popsicles & Icicles" - A number one (#1) hit record in 1964 produced by Kim. It was the number one (#1) chart spot replaced by The Beatles with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in Record World (USA). It was #3 in Billboard and Cashbox in the same week.
THE RUNAWAYS Mercury "Cherry Bomb" - Number one (#1) in Japan over "Hotel California" by The Eagles. (Billboard) Produced by Kim Fowley. Counting re-issues, live albums, film and TV soundtracks, compilations, and various color picture sleeve singles; there are at least twenty-five (25) additional Runaways music products out there. The best examples of The Runaways were produced and/or Co-Written by Kim; and then there are the bootlegs, too numerous to mention or even keep track of.
HELEN REDDY Capitol "Ear Candy" - "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" - Capitol (1977-1978). Kim co-produced "Ear Candy", "You're My World" and "Happy Girls". Kim produced "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" single and elements of the album of the same name. All the above charted on various USA and International Charts. "You're My World" was number one (#1) in Mexico (Billboard) in 1977.

Other female acts Kim has worked with include The Clingers (Columbia), The Orchids (MCA), Cathy Rich (World Pacific), Doris Day (Arwin Productions was Kim's first "legit" job in the Music Biz in 1959 where he did A&R, talent scouted, PR, and general office work), The Cover Girls (Conte), Half Sisters (Chatahoochie), Marica Strassman (Uni), Dyan Diamond (MCA), 45 Grave, The Bangles (Columbia), Zebra (BOMP), Jenny Morris/Crocodiles (RCA/NZ), Toyah Wilcox (Trojan/Receiver), Venus and the Razorblades (Spark UK).

Yes, there is more but Kim cannot recall all of the information.

Male Pop Events

Various other pop recordings in Kim's past have been by Skip and Flip, Fabian, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Yard Birds (West Coast PR), Warren Zevon, The Seeds, Plastic Ono Band, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Teenage Fan Club, The Safaris, Danny Hutton, Family, Contact, Scorpion (Sweden), Mott the Hoople/British Lions, BTO, Tommy Rock (Spark/UK), Face Dancer, The Dickies, Herman Brood, Street Talk, The Industrials, The Trees, Paul Agar & The Set Ricci, Kix, Frankenstein and The All Star Monster Band, Candy, Bantu Relation, Dirty Deal, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Sonic Youth, Smoke, D.C. LaCroix, The Quick, The Leather Nun, 4 The Hard Way, Kevin Raleigh, The Flower Leopards, Crashland, Mark Curry, Child's Play, Bunny & Bear, Joey Covington, Elfstone.

HERE'S A FLASH FROM KIM: Hanson (pre-Mercury). Video demo-info commercial (1993). Kim was story board/dialogue writer and supervised the final cut. Yes, 24 record companies said "NO".


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