Kim Fowley

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Kim has either Produced, Co-Produced, Talent Spotted, Published, Co-Published, Written, Co-Written or performed live with the following artists:

ARTIST Hit Label Credit
HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES Alley Oop Lute Co-Producer
PARADONS Diamonds & Pearls Milestone Co-Publisher
UPTONES No More Lute Producer
MURMAIDS Popsicles & Icicles Chatahoochee Producer
CRESCENTS Pink Dominoes ERA Co-Publisher
RICHIE BLACKMORE with THE LANCASTERS Satan's Holiday Titan Producer/Co-Writer
THEM AKA BELFAST GYPSIES Gloria's Dream Sonet-Sweden Producer/Co-Publisher
SLADE AKA 'N BETWEENS You'd Better Run Columbia/EMI Co-Writer/Producer
MOTHERS OF INVENTION Help I'm a Rock (Freak Out Album) Ryko Co-Singer with Frank Zappa
CAT STEVENS Portabello Road Deram Co-Writer
SEEKERS Emerald City EMI-UK Co-Writer
FAMILY Silver Dagger/Great Pretender EX-MGT Producer
MANFRED MANN Longhair/Unsquare Dude Called Jack HMV-Aust. Co-Writer
SOFT MACHINE Love Makes Sweet Music Polydor UK Producer
WARREN ZEVON Wanted Dead or Alive Imperial Co-Writer
SEEDS Falling Off the Edge of My Mind/Wild Blood/Shock Waves GNP/Crescendo Producer/Co-Writer
FABIAN American East Creem Co-Writer
GENE VINCENT Rainbow at Midnight Dandelion Producer
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Michoican Mercury Co-Writer
BYRDS America's Great National Pastime Columbia Co-Writer
NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE Singin' Cowboy Columbia Co-Writer
FLYING BURRITOS Don't Go Down the Drain Relix Co-Writer
LEON RUSSELL From Maine to Mexico Paradise/WB Co-Writer
RUNAWAYS Cherry Bomb Mercury Co-Writer
THE QUICK Purgatory Years Mercury Co-Producer
VENUS AND THE RAZORBLADES I Want to be Where the Boys Are/Punk-A-Rama Spark Producer/Co-Writer
FLASH CADILLAC At The Hop/She's So Fine/Louie Louie MCA-American Graffiti Soundtrack/EPIC-Debut Album Producer
MODERN LOVERS I'm Straight Warner Brothers Producer
KISS King of the Nighttime World/Do You Love Me Mercury Co-Writer
ALICE COOPER Escape Atlantic Co-Writer
BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE Down to the Line Mercury Co-Writer
DEAD BOYS Big City Sire Co-Writer
PLASTIC ONO BAND Live Peace in Toronto, 1969 Apple Announcer/Intro/Outro
WIGWAM Tombstone Valentine Verve Producer
VAN HALEN Young and Wild Warner Bros. Co-Writer
STEPPENWOLF Gang War Blues Sony Co-Writer
MONDO ROCK Down to Earth EMI-Aust. Co-Writer
WAYNE NEWTON Housewife 20th Century Fox Co-Writer
GIRL-featuring DEF LEPARD LEAD GUITAR PHIL Do You Love Me Jet Co-Writer
MOTLEY CRUE Stick to Your Guns Leather-Enigma Publisher
STEEL BREEZE You Don't Want Me Anymore/Dreaming is Easy RCA Producer
THE LEATHER NUN Red Guitars MNW Co-Producer/Co-Singer
SONIC YOUTH Bubble Gum DGC Co-Writer
NIRVANA Do You Love Me CZ Co-Writer
PRIMAL SCREAM International Heros Creation/Sony Co-Writer
NILON BOMBERS Superstar Almo Producer
BMX BANDITS Girl Next Door Creation/Sony Co-Producer
SPACE MONKEYS Dream Catcher Factory 2 Producer

Artist Label/Date Credit
THE SLEEPWALKERS 1957-1958 Kim was manager, hustler, lyricist for a West LA band that featured Bruce Johnston (Beachboys) and Sandy "Teen Beat" Nelson. Sometimes Phil Spector sat in on lead guitar.
HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES Lute/1960 Kim was Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Artist with Gary Paxton.
MOTHERS OF INVENTION Verve Kim sang Help I'm A Rock with Frank Zappa on The Freak Out album in 1965 and the unreleased live Whiskey-a-GoGo album in 1967.
THE SEEDS GNP/Crescendo Falling Off the Edge of My Mind, Wild Blood, and the unreleased Shock Waves were produced by Kim in 1968.
THE RUNAWAYS Mercury 1975-1977 Created, produced, and managed by Kim Fowley. He co-wrote songs like Cherry Bomb and School Days. Joan Jett and Lita Ford were in the group.
VENUS & THE RAZORBLADES Spark/UK Same type music as the Runaways except they were on Spark, had two minor UK hits, Punk-A-Rama and I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are. Album is re-released and online at and/or Peer Music.
GERMS Various Kim produced the debut album Live At The Whiskey released on various labels through the years from Bomp to Roir to ?
PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Gardena/1962 Kim produced and co-wrote Like Bluegrass/Leatherneck. James Burton and Joe Osborne from Elvis Presley's Live Vegas Band played guitar and bass respectively.
KISS Casablanca/Mercury 1975-2000 Recorded two Kim Fowley Co-Written songs - Do You Love Me? and King of the Nighttime World. These two songs have been recorded, re-recorded, and repackaged on over thirteen different Kiss albums, videos, one TV movie soundtrack, and "Detroit Rock City" soundtrack.
ALICE COOPER Atlantic/1975 Recorded one Kim Fowley Co-Written song, Escape, on Welcome to My Nightmare.
GUNS AND ROSES/POISON Geffen/Enigma/Capitol Each band thanked Kim for talent spotting efforts on their debut album(s). The Gold and Platinum records hang on the wall of his office.
Other notable artists Kim has worked with, or had songs recorded or produced by include: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Steppenwolf, Hollywood Stars, Blue Cheer, BTO, The Dead Boys, Van Halen, The Replacements, 45 Grave, The Idiot Pills, The Flower Leopards, Jeff Dahl Group, Steel Breeze, Blue Oyster Cult, Motley Crue, Fall Dancer, The Dickies, Surf Punks and even sang lead on two GWAR demo tracks.

Artist Label Credits
THE BYRDS CBS/Columbia/Sony Co-wrote songs on "Untitled Byrdmaniax", "Further Along" "Byrds Greatest Hits Volume 2" and "History of the Byrds". (1979-1984)
NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE CBS/Columbia/Sony Co-wrote songs on three different NRPS albums that included such songs as "On the Amazon" and "Neon Rose". (1984-1987)
FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS Relix Kim has two songs on the last live album. (1988)
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Mercury "Michocan" becomes the last single on Mercury. Kim Co-Writes Doug Sahm and Augie Meyer later form Texas Tornados and have more success on Warner Brothers. (1970)
LEON RUSSELL Paradise/Warner Brothers Kim Co-Writes eight songs on Leon Russell's last USA Chart Album that is released in 1978. Two songs form the album are later covered by Wayne Newton and Mary Balin.
GRAM PARSONS Reprise Invites Kim to do background noise on "Grievous Angel". (1973)
LEO KOTTKE Capitol Also invites Kim to co-write and sing under the name Juke Box Phantom; "Monkey Lust" on the album "Mud Lark". (1971)
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA Capitol Gave the world Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Kim Fowley co-produced Bakersfield's Bonnie Owens and Bill Woods in 1960 at least 25 years before Dwight Yokum went there to find the truth about the West Coast Nashville.
JOE AND EDDIE GNP/Crescendo Record Kim's arrangement of "House of the Rising Sun". (1965)
ROSE GARDEN ATCO Record "Flower Town" Co-Written by Kim Fowley on the flip side of their top 20 hit "Next Plane to London". (1967)
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON Columbia/CBS/Sony Releases the album "Shake Hands with the Devil" that features a Kim Co-Written song "Michoican". (1970)
GENE VINCENT Dandelion/Elektra Produced by Kim Fowley on his comeback album "I'm Back and I'm Proud". (1969). The album has been re-issued eight times in the last 30 years. Kim was one of only seven producers who produced Gene in his lifetime. Gene Vincent was voted into the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame in January 1998.
CAT STEVENS Deram/Polygram Kim co-wrote "Portobello Road" on "Matthew & Son". (1966).
SORROWFUL JONES CD "Absence" on Gavin Country Charts as a radio only released with two songs Co-Written by Kim. (1997)

ARTIST Reissue Label Credit
CHEAP TRICK SEX AMERICA Epic/Legacy Kim credited in the liner notes as: Informal Career Consultant (early 90's).
SLADE THE GENESIS OF SLADE TMC-UK Kim producer of five songs on the album (Recorded 1966, Reissued 1996).
CHERIE & MARIE CURRIE YOUNG AND WILD Raven/AUST Kim was Co-Producer of ten songs on the album (Recorded 1977, Reissued 1997).
JOAN JETT FIT TO BE TIED Mercury Kim co-wrote one song on the album (1997).
JOE & EDDIE THE BEST OF JOE & EDDIE GNP/Crescendo Kim wrote one song (Recorded 1954, Reissued 1997).
HELEN REDDY HELEN REDDY'S GREATEST HITS (and more) Capitol Kim co-produced two songs and co-wrote one song.
VARIOUS TRASH BOX Hit Records-UK Kim was artist, producer, and Co-Writer of two songs on the album.
VARIOUS STEEL BREEZE Renaissance/BMG Kim produced the album which included two of his top 30 hits in 1982-1983 (reissued 1997).
STIV BATORS LA LA Bomp Ex lead singer of The Dead Boys/Lords of The New Church in two separate performances Co-Written by Kim Fowley. Co-produced by Jimmy Pursey of Sham '69.
IGGY POP, MITCH RYDER, QUESTION MARK AND THE MYSTERIANS and others MOTOR CITY IS BURNING Total Energy Features a track Co-Written by Kim and performed by Ten High (1988).
SUNRAYS VINTAGE RAYS Collectibles Six songs co-produced by Kim; five songs Co-Written by Kim appear on this package (1996).
PHIL SPECTOR 74-79 Polydor/UK Re-issue of Phil Spector productions of artists such as Cher, Dion, Nilsson, Darlene Love, and Kim Fowley.
KIM FOWLEY OUTLAW SUPERMAN, UNDERGROUND ANIMAL The Dionysis Empire Forty-three cuts with Kim as artist (late 1960's early 1970's) released in the USA (1997).
BYRDS BYRD PARTS Raven/AUST Released in Australia in 1997 with one Kim Co-Written song.
NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE WASTED TASTERS Raven/AUST Released in Australia with one Kim Co-Written song (1995).
GENE VINCENT THE BOP THEY COULDN'T STOP Magnum Force/UK Released again (8th time) in 1995, produced by Kim Fowley.
THEM BELFAST GYPSIES Sonet/Legendary Master Series Vinyl only reissue of album co-produced by Kim Fowley (mid 1980's).
SOFT MACHINE TRIPLE ECHO Harvest/UK One track produced by Kim (1970).
B. BUMBLE AND THE STINGERS GOLDEN CLASSIC COLLECTIONS Collectibles/Ace Both companies issue this album in the USA and UK with one Kim written song.
VARIOUS TROUBLE MAKERS Warner Brothers Features two Kim Fowley songs produced by the Modern Lovers featuring Jonathon Richmond. Other artists on the package include The Sex Pistols, Devo, and The Gang of Four (1980).
RICHIE VALENS, PROFESSOR LONGHAIR, CHRIS KENNER, SHIRLEY AND LEE, THE HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES, LEE DIAMOND and others THE SUE STORY Island Kim Fowley's Co-Production of "Sho' Know A Lot About Love" By the Hollywood Argyles is contained on this package (1963).

Artist Credit
THE HELLIONS (Picadilly Records) Kim was producer of future members of Traffic. Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi, who were in this ill-fated band whose single "Day Dreamin' of You" was written by Jacki de Shannon (1964).
P.J. Proby (Decca/Liberty) Kim was the master of ceremonies for the Bad Boy Singer on his 1964 live shows. They played the Royal Albert Hall and stole the show from the John Barry produced Adam Faith.
Richie Blackmore Before Deep Purple: Kim produced Richie in an English group, The Lancasters. Tracks include "Satan's Holiday" and "Earth Shaker". Richie played "Satan's Holiday" with Deep Purple as part of the encore medley on their last USA tour in the early 1990's (1964).
Bo & Peep (Decca) Kim was Bo, Andrew Oldham was Peep, backed by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, pre-Zepplin.
Slade Were known as the 'N Betweens in 1966 when Kim produced nine sides later leased to Columbia/EMI Records (UK).
Soft Machine Were produced by Kim as a four piece in 1966. Four songs were recorded and one song released on Polydor (UK) and Harvest (UK) Reissue
Cat Stevens (Deram) Kim co-wrote "Portabello Road" in 1966.
Mick Fleetwood Before the MAC; Mick played drums on Kim's 1966 Reprise single "Don't Be Cruel".
Them/Belfast Gypsies After Van Morrison left Them, the group found Kim and he produced various sides on Them aka Belfast Gypsies on Sonet (Sweden), Vogue (France), Loma (USA, W&G Australia and Island UK) where they were known as Freaks of Nature (1966).
The Seekers (EMI Records UK) Recorded Kim's Co-Written Christmas song "Emerald City" in 1966.
Family In 1966 Kim produced Roger Chapman/Rick Grech formed group. Tracks included "Silver Dagger" and "The Great Pretender". Kim introduced Family to Jimmy Miller who later produced their future product.
Manfred Mann (HMV Australia) Recorded a Hollywood Argyles track sung and Co-Written by Kim on an EP in 1966. The track was "Long Haired, Unsquare Dude Called Jack".
Cream In 1967 ex-Manfred Mann bassist Jack Bruce recorded this song with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker on the first collection of Cream Demos.
Emerson Lake and Palmer Covered "Nutrocker" in "Pictures of and Exhibition" on 1971 Worldwide hit album. "Nutrocker" written by Kim Fowley was Number One in England in 1961 by B. Bumble and The Stingers.
Wigwam (Love Records/Verve Forecast) Legendary Helsinki, Finland group produced by Kim Fowley in 1970 for Love Records (Helsinki) Verve Forecast (USA).
Contact/Scorpion (MNW Records) Were produced by Kim in Vaxholm, Sweden in 1966. Kim joined Contact/Scorpion on MNW Records. He was the first staff producer and a self-produced artist.
Cockney Rebel Were talent spotted by Kim and introduced by name January 1, 1974 during Kim's appearance on "Old Grey Whistle Test".
Mott-The-Hoople (RSO Records) Became The British Lions and recorded Kim's Co-Written Glam classic "International Heroes" in the late seventies after Ian Hunter left the group.
Plastic Ono Band (Apple) After John Lennon left the Beatles he played "Live" at Toronto's Varsity Stadium. You can hear Kim as Master of Ceremonies intro the band on the "Live in Toronto" album. Eric Clapton was lead guitar that night (1969).
Stars on 45/Herman Brood/Diesel Recorded Kim Fowley songs on various albums in Holland. While in Holland Kim met the Peer Music (Holland) force behind Deisel and arranged for their North American release on Regency Atlantic (USA) and RCA (Canada). Late 1970's early 1980's. Kim's song "Nutrocker" ends the Stars on 45 album which sells 8 million units worldwide.
Street Talk/Crocodiles New Zealand Super groups, Kim produced Street Talk (WEA/NZ) in 1979. Kim Co-Published Crocodiles in 1980 (RCA/NZ). Between them they won five New Zealand music awards.
Ross Wislon (Mondo Rock) Ross and Kim co-wrote "Down to Earth" in Melbourne, Australia (1979). Later covered by Steppenwolf on their Attic (Canada) album.
The Who/Led Zepplin Recorded "Nutrocker" as encores from the late 1960's to the early 1970's according to various bootleg/grapevine sources
Kim has Co-Written or Published songs that have been performed or recorded by Primal Scream, Ride (Andy), Girl, Shirley Bassey (UK), The Vancouvers (Spain), Crashland (Australia) and a yet to be identified soccer team in Japan!

Artist Label Credits
THE MURMAIDS Chattahoochee "Popsicles & Icicles" - A number one (#1) hit record in 1964 produced by Kim. It was the number one (#1) chart spot replaced by The Beatles with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in Record World (USA). It was #3 in Billboard and Cashbox in the same week.
THE RUNAWAYS Mercury "Cherry Bomb" - Number one (#1) in Japan over "Hotel California" by The Eagles. (Billboard) Produced by Kim Fowley. Counting re-issues, live albums, film and TV soundtracks, compilations, and various color picture sleeve singles; there are at least twenty-five (25) additional Runaways music products out there. The best examples of The Runaways were produced and/or Co-Written by Kim; and then there are the bootlegs, too numerous to mention or even keep track of.
HELEN REDDY Capitol/td> "Ear Candy" - "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" - Capitol (1977-1978). Kim co-produced "Ear Candy", "You're My World" and "Happy Girls". Kim produced "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" single and elements of the album of the same name. All the above charted on various USA and International Charts. "You're My World" was number one (#1) in Mexico (Billboard) in 1977.

Other female acts Kim has worked with include The Clingers (Columbia), The Orchids (MCA), Cathy Rich (World Pacific), Doris Day (Arwin Productions was Kim's first "legit" job in the Music Biz in 1959 where he did A&R, talent scouted, PR, and general office work), The Cover Girls (Conte), Half Sisters (Chatahoochie), Marica Strassman (Uni), Dyan Diamond (MCA), 45 Grave, The Bangles (Columbia), Zebra (BOMP), Jenny Morris/Crocodiles (RCA/NZ), Toyah Wilcox (Trojan/Receiver), Venus and the Razorblades (Spark UK).

Yes, there is more but Kim cannot recall all of the information.

Various other pop recordings in Kim's past have been by Skip and Flip, Fabian, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Yard Birds (West Coast PR), Warren Zevon, The Seeds, Plastic Ono Band, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Teenage Fan Club, The Safaris, Danny Hutton, Family, Contact, Scorpion (Sweden), Mott the Hoople/British Lions, BTO, Tommy Rock (Spark/UK), Face Dancer, The Dickies, Herman Brood, Street Talk, The Industrials, The Trees, Paul Agar & The Set Ricci, Kix, Frankenstein and The All Star Monster Band, Candy, Bantu Relation, Dirty Deal, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Sonic Youth, Smoke, D.C. LaCroix, The Quick, The Leather Nun, 4 The Hard Way, Kevin Raleigh, The Flower Leopards, Crashland, Mark Curry, Child's Play, Bunny & Bear, Joey Covington, Elfstone.

HERE'S A FLASH FROM KIM: Hanson (pre-Mercury). Video demo-info commercial (1993). Kim was story board/dialogue writer and supervised the final cut. Yes, 24 record companies said "NO".

This section of Kim's Musical Activities is the fastest growing segment of his current career... he's currently in the studio working on two soundtracks and when he comes out we will be updating you on the stuff you know about that isn't listed. Keep in mind Kim has lived and created in 38 USA cities and 22 additional countries since 1964... for example: 1995 - 1996 Kim blasted through 10 cities and 8 countries; sometimes the music gets used and he hears about it last. There is a bit of inconsistency here in the coordination between use - license - legal response - actual transmission/release dates: stay tuned
PROJECT NAME Category Studio/Director Contribution
(1973) American Graffiti Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Universal/George Lucas Producer Of New Music Sequences (3)
(1974) Puberty Blues Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical Australia Bruce Beresford Co-Writer One Song
(1995) Dazed and Confused Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Polygram Classics/Richard Linklatter Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1972) Ciao Manhattan (Edie Sedgewick Story) Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA   Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1997) The Butcher Boy Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical Ireland Warner Bros.-Geffen Pictures/Neil Jordan Composer, Publisher One Song
(1998) Late Last Night Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Trilon Pictures/Emelio Estevez Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1959) Ghost of Drag Strip Hollow Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA American International Pictures Producer Two Songs
(1996) Poisoners Hand Book Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical U.K. Virgin Composer, Publisher One Song
(1997) The Highlanders TV/Syndicated   Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1974) Wide World Entertainment TV Sports Special ABC-TV Music Supervisor
(1991) Sweet Poison TV Movie USA-TV Producer, Co-Writer Two Songs
(1999)Detroit Rock City Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA New Line Cinema Producer, Co-Writer One Song
(1976) Eve Diary of a Runaway TV Movie NBC Producer Co-Writer One Song
(1998) Back Stage Pass (with Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Tina Turner) CD ROM Roadshow USA Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer One Song
(1999) Sweet Underground (with Maurice Chavalier, Fat Boy Slim, Tindersticks) Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Inde/USA Co-Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher with Ben Vaughn (One Song)
(1998) Mayor of Sunset Strip (with David Bowie, Cher) Motion Picture Documentary - Theatrical USA George H. Actor/Interview Subject
(1978) Sergeant Pepper (with Peter Frampton, Bee Gees) Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA Robert Stigwood Actor = look for Kim in the grandstand finale scene between Peter Allen and Dame Edna behind Frankie Valli
(1988) MTV Europe (with Talking Heads/Bunny Wailer) TV Show U.K.


Interview Subject
(1985) Discovery Network (with Rick Danko, Byrds) TV Show USA Discovery Network On-Camera Interviewer
(1994) Current Affair (The Death of Kurt Cobain) TV Special USA NBC Interview Subject
(1988) Night Network TV Show U.K. Night Network Interview Subject
(1998) Skychannel TV Show U.K. Skychannel Interview Subject
(1966) Ready-Steady-Go (with Troggs Small Faces Los Bravos) TV Show U.K. Redifusion Vocalist singing "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha"... later to be Number One in Denmark and New Zealand
(1985) Channel 56 (Coca-Cola Sponsored Kids Show) TV Show USA Channel 56 - Orange County, California... same station as Wally George Co-Master Of Ceremonies (various shows)
(1997) Pop Odyssey TV Music Special Germany ZDF (with Brian Wilson, Jan & Dean and other West Coast music types) Interview Subject, Vocalist, Co-Writer (Two Songs)
(1999) E! True Hollywood Story - Sunset Strip TV Documentary USA E! Entertainment Television Interview Subject
(1999) E! TV - "Tribute to Sony Bono" TV Documentary USA E! Entertainment Television Interview Subject
(2000) Behind the Music segment - "Allan Freed" TV Documentary USA VH1 Television Interview Subject
(2000) Behind the Music segment - "Bad Girls" TV Documentary USA VH1 Television Interview Subject
(2000) Big Momma's House Motion Picture Feature - Theatrical USA 20th Century Fox Composer, Publisher (One Song)
(1999) The Beat Room TV Music Specials U.K. BBC Choice Actor, Singer, Writer (Dialog), Co-Writer (Music), Co-Publisher (Three Shows)
(1998) Slam Jams Sports Music Soundtrack (originated in Madison Square Garden by Sequencer Of Song Selection) Tommy Boy Records Producer, Co-Writer (One Song)
(1999/2000) Freaks And Geeks TV Show USA NBC/Fox Family Co-Writer (One Song)
(1993) Baseball's Greatest Hits - Let's Play II Sports Music Soundtrack Rhino Co-Writer (One Song)

Cheap Trick - Sex America
The Germs - Germicide
The Jingle Janglers - What I Love About Christmas
Kyle Vincent - Self Titled
McGregorys - Hollywood Morning
My, My, My! - Interesting Folk Music!


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