Kim Fowley


1 PLUS 1 - Dance/Rock/Pop crossover of the Teen Classic "Cherry Bomb" Co-Written by Joan Jett and Kim Fowley. Co-Produced by The Berman Brothers & Spider, Additional Production and Remix by Hex Hector. (Elektra Entertainment U.S.A.)

1 PLUS 1 - "Cherry Bomb" charts Top 50 in Billboard Dance Charts.


Future Pilot A.K.A. - Features "Night Flight To Memphis", sung and Co-Written by Kim Fowley. (Beggars Banquet, U.S.A.)
Future Pilot (U.K./India) - Co-Artist, Co-Writer
One Song
FSUK3 (U.K.)- Artist, Co-Writer, Producer
One Song
Kim Fowley - Contributions from Teenage Fan Club and Future Pilot AKA, William Orbit/Ronnie Size, Artist, Co-Producer, Co-Writer (Voiceprint U.K.)
The Trip - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher (album). Remix and Engineer contributions by William Orbit/Ronnie Size.
The Trip - Co-Writer, Co-Publisher (album). Remix and Engineer contributions by William Orbit/Ronnie Size. Same product/different artwork.
SIN (Austria) - Co-Writer One Song
SIN (Austria) - Co-Writer Three Songs
SIN (Austria) - Co-Writer One Song
Essential Ambient Trance - Artist, Co-Writer with Wishbone Ash, Future Pilot AKA, Brixsmith, Norman Blake (Intrinsic U.K.)
Drum & Bass Mania - (Imperial U.K.) - Artist, Co-Writer
Drum 'n' Bass Fever - Artist, Co-Writer (Intrinsic Records)
The Outer Limits of Audio Fidelity - Artist, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Publisher Four Songs. The song "Wreckage" sung by Vultures In The Sky featuring Kim Fowley was #1 most requested at Mexico City, Mexico, FM station in 1997.
Kim Fowley - Artist, Co-Writer (Receiver U.K.)
South Coast Party Boyz - Co-Producer, Co-Publisher, Co-Writer Multiple Songs
One True Parker - (U.K.) - Co-Writer (Creation)


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